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The do's and how to's of email marketing

A 3 Step Guide to Improving Deliverability

Are you getting good deliverability rates? The chances are you could be doing more to improve them.

Internet Service Providers (ISP's), such as Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo filter emails suspected of being spam. An increasing amount of opt in email is mistakenly being caught by filters, which could be losing your revenue. 

Read on for three key factors to focus on, plus our top tips on how to address them.

Open your arms with a welcome programme

Sending a welcome email? Many great marketers fall down on their email marketing by not managing their recipient’s expectations correctly from the moment they hand over their details. So here's some pointers about how to open your arms... in the best possible way!

New ASA online legislation and how it could affect your business

What’s changing?

From the 1st of March 2011, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will be able to wield its powers over any online content ‘directly connected with the supply or transfer of goods or services.’ In other words... pretty much everything. Interestingly, the ASA judge all complaints on a case by case basis, there is no blanket rule. With March 2011 bringing the first of these cases, there will be no prior history for it to base its compliance issues on, so how will you know if your message falls within their acceptable messages?

The truth is that most of what is sent is already compliant; those online companies already adhering to the Committee of Advertising Practice’s (CAP) code, will have nothing to worry about. It will be interesting, however, to see how the first cases of 2011 will be dealt with. Apparently the main question that will decide if the piece of offending material will fall within the ASA’s remit will be whether or not it is trying to sell goods or services i.e. a clothing retailer, listing prices on the advert.   If the answer is yes, the offender is far more likely to be investigated.

An impossible task?

I feel very sorry for the people responsible for policing social media and social network sites (which will also fall into the regulations). I say this for a number of reasons, not least the ease at which a falsehood can be spread from peer to peer. The main problem that I foresee is the current method of reporting a violation. The user has to screen grab the offending material and forward it to the ASA but it would be far easier and cheaper to simply remove the content than suffer the consequences of a followed up complaint.

No need to panic

Don’t be scared, you are far more likely to have to listen to a quiet word in your ear first and it is only the persistent offenders that will have need to panic. Also, for those of you that are worried that you are not currently compliant, the ASA and CAP will be broadcasting details in January and February next year.

As always, I would recommend keeping your email marketing messages user specific, with content that they are interested in, from an email address that they recognise and don't forget your company registration details in the footer.

Ad:tech London 2009

The theme for this year’s ad:tech London is ‘Think strategy, not technology!’ ‘Within the current economic situation, the use of digital has arisen as the most and essential challenge organisations need to face in order to strength their strategy, evolve campaign measurement and optimise overall return on marketing investment.’

The exhibition will feature ‘The Mobile Marketing Show’, Google University, over 120 free educational sessions. New Media Age will also reveal the 2009 listing of the ‘New Media Age Top 100 Interactive Agencies’ at the show.

Ad:tech London remains the only place to quickly source robust solutions learn best practices and get expert advice on how to make your business thrive online.

Pure, sponsors of the EMM, are exhibiting at ad:tech London, stand 352. Robin Kennedy of Pure will be presenting a seminar entitled ‘Email - to Blast, to Broadcast, or enter into Dialogue?’ on Tuesday, September 22, from 3:50pm - 4:20pm, in the Email Marketing Theater.

You can register online for complimentary tickets.

Leverage Your Social Network Marketing With Email

How can you use email to increase your brand presence on social networking sites?

If you already have your own social networking groups and are looking to promote them or want to spread your marketing messages across these sites, read on for some top tips. 


Marketing Week Live

Produced by Marketing Week, Marketing Week Live is the UK's only event to reflect marketeers changing role. In the current climate, marketeers are likely to be involved in more elements of the marketing mix, work across various disciplines and work closely with previously separate departments.

This event is providing a single destination for market research, online marketing, data marketing and in-store marketing activity.

Marketing Week Live is bringing together four individual exhibitions, each with a specific conference, into one venue at one time, creating a true melting pot of ideas and inspiration for the most forward thinking marketers.

Increasing Your Open Rates - Artigiano



Artigiano, the UK's leading Italian fashion brand, was particularly interested in looking at increasing their open rates. Artigiano work closely with key fashion houses in Italy, to bring stylish, high quality clothes, perfectly designed and shaped for women in the UK.

Duncan Birch reviews the findings of an 'Email Tune-Up', carried out for this high profile brand. The intention; to look closely at aspects affecting Artigiano's open rates, giving recommendations for improvements.

Converting Email into Multiple Languages

Translate Media

Marketeers are increasingly finding that they need to communicate to a global community. Audiences have become more sophisticated, and mass marketed emails, without customisation, are no longer acceptable.

So, how do you fully convert your emails into different languages in order to provide your audience with the tailored message they expect?

Future of Web Design - Tour 2009

2009's Future of Web Design tour hits the road in September with talks and workshops on networking, microformats and numerous topics relating to making the most engrossing online marketing platforms possible.

With Key speakers including Clearleft's Paul Annett, Steve Pearce from Skype and Patrick Lauke 'Web Evangelist' at Opera and columnist for .net Magazine, the sessions prove to be quite dynamic and way above value for money with ticket prices starting at £44.00 for early bird buyers.

Where is it?

Hosted by Carsonified, who had great success with last months FOWD event in London, will be pulling the bus over on the following dates:

02 Sept - Belfast
09 Sept - Bristol
14 Sept - Glasgow
16 Spet - Leeds

For more information check out the FOWDTOUR website

UX London Sells Out

Clear left logo

UX London is a unique event combining inspirational talks with in-depth workshops presented by some of the industry’s biggest names.

The now sold out event is pitched at both those just starting in the industry as well as seasoned pro's.

Taking place at the Cumberland Hotel in London, Brighton based Clearleft host the three day event which sees workshops in branistorming, information architecture, strategy and planning and a plethora of other all important developing and experience shaping concepts.

The company are no strangers to events such as this with Paul Annett providing a well receive talk at this years SXSW festival. You can watch the screencast at paulannett.co.uk/sxsw09