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The Email Carnival

Email Carnival

It comes as no surprise that there is a wealth of information on the internet about email marketing, but quite often these blogs are all about number crunching, sales jargon and stat counting.

Here are our top sites for anyone who is working with html based email, it doesn't matter whether you are a market research analyst, campaign advisor, coder, or designer there is something here for everyone.

Welcome to the new Email Marketing Manual

Hello and welcome to the all new Email Marketing Manual!

With another year drawing to a close and as we creep up to our 2nd birthday the Email Marketing Manual team decided it was time to shed off the chrysalis and show the beautiful butterfly ready to beat its illustrious wings.

We wanted to become more involved with our readers, some of whom email us regularly with useful inside scoops, questions, answers and everything in-between about email marketing.

Yukka.co.uk boutique retailer checks in to the Email Clinic

Yukka.co.uk is a boutique online retailer specialising in urban clothing labels. Their monthly email newsletters promote new, limited edition and exclusive labels, aiming to increase traffic to their site and generate sales.

This kind of acquisition campaign email requires clear messaging that taps into the key needs of the target audience. However, with a lack of focus and with vital information hard to find, are readers being left cold?

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