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Paramount Restaurants - Viral Marketing and online voucher integration

Paramount Restaurants

In an increasingly competitive market, how do you get your customers attention? How do you increase your mailing lists?  Are you able to make your marketing budget go further by creating a viral marketing campaign?

This month, Pure spoke with Ryan Badger, Online Marketing Manager at Paramount Restaurants Ltd.

Ryan Badger explained how Paramount Restaurants have built a both simple and incredibly successful online marketing strategy combining viral marketing and online vouchers.

Yukka.co.uk boutique retailer checks in to the Email Clinic

Yukka.co.uk is a boutique online retailer specialising in urban clothing labels. Their monthly email newsletters promote new, limited edition and exclusive labels, aiming to increase traffic to their site and generate sales.

This kind of acquisition campaign email requires clear messaging that taps into the key needs of the target audience. However, with a lack of focus and with vital information hard to find, are readers being left cold?

Current Design

Yukka sales newsletter

Three ways to be a multi-channel marketer

I'm no fan of buzz speak but right now there's one phrase floating around the internet ether that I'd recommend paying attention to - 'multi-channel marketing'. Or in other words, taking an integrated approach to all your online promotional activities.

It's easy to think of email campaigns as being quite self-contained. But developing an awareness of the way all your different online activities feed off and complement each other is essential.

Even if you're already combining your email promotion with a wider internet marketing strategy, the chances are you could be missing a trick or two.

RS Components

As a global provider of electronic components and industrial products R S Components faces the challenge of engaging a varied and widespread audience with its email communications.

Creative Leisure Systems enter the Email Clinic

Creative Leisure Systems provides a range of stimulating child entertainment products aimed at businesses whose customers often have toddlers with them.

Focus on Good Practice - 2007's top Email Clinic's

In this month’s email clinic we're reviewing three successful campaigns from 2007, looking at why they represent great examples of best practice.

Each campaign has been thoughtfully and accurately targeted to its audience in both design and content. They send a clear message, serve a useful purpose and importantly, provide something of value to the recipient.

At the risk of repetition it’s worth pointing out that each email includes the key details that form the basis of a legally compliant marketing email – the all-important, clearly visible unsubscribe link and company registration number.