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Creative Leisure Systems enter the Email Clinic

Creative Leisure Systems provides a range of stimulating child entertainment products aimed at businesses whose customers often have toddlers with them.

Stanton Marris get the inside track

Leadership and organisational development consultancy, Stanton Marris, uses its ‘Inside Track’ email to maintain brand awareness and offer positive, useful information to its mailing list.

With a readership of mainly busy senior executives across a range of sectors, from finance to FMCG and central government, it’s important they grab their recipients’ interest from the get go. However, could slight changes to the structure and presentation of this e-shot have a dramatic effect on response?

Stanton Marris take part in the email clinic

Focus on Good Practice - 2007's top Email Clinic's

In this month’s email clinic we're reviewing three successful campaigns from 2007, looking at why they represent great examples of best practice.

Each campaign has been thoughtfully and accurately targeted to its audience in both design and content. They send a clear message, serve a useful purpose and importantly, provide something of value to the recipient.

At the risk of repetition it’s worth pointing out that each email includes the key details that form the basis of a legally compliant marketing email – the all-important, clearly visible unsubscribe link and company registration number.

Use words to transform your email marketing response

Believe it or not, your customers aren't really that interested in your company or what you are up to – not when they're reading email newsletters or surfing the web, anyway.Online they generally only want to know if you've got what they're looking for.

This might sound harsh but it's a reality on the web – and your email marketing content should take account of this or it's not going to be as successful as you'd like.

Hewitt & May get the bespoke email treatment

Hewitt & May is a high quality shirtmaker targeting buyers in the City, business owners and lawyers who appreciate exceptional quality with a stylistic edge.

The objective of this email was to acquire new customers. The approach was to use a special offer to encourage potential customers to try the brand for the first time. The experience would lead them to become regular customers.

Hewitt & May shirt makers original email newsletter